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Feb 9, 2018 ... The Nanite Proximity Repair System is a defense slot available to the Sunderer and Galaxy. It is unlocked and upgraded through Certification ... Sunderer - PlanetSide 2 Wiki

Welcome to our ever-growing Planetside 2 Starter Guide, the best place to quickly learn the ins and outs of the web’s newest Massive Multiplayer action game. Taking a few minutes to read the ... Certs, basic - Planetside 2 Tips 2: Sunderer: Get the "Utility slot / Sunderer Advanced Mobile Station" cert as soon as possible, and remember to FIT it onto your sunderer after certing it. This add-on will give you ability to "deploy" your sunderer as a mobile spawn point, and if you are lucky with positioning it, you can earn sick amount of points in the battlefield! The Zeta Sunderer Guide – Zeta Unit | ZE7A Unit Sunderer Train/Ball: A sunderer train is when you get 2-infinite sunderers, the more you have the more destructive power/longevity you have. The idea of the train is your sunderer repairs the sunderers around you with prox repair while they repair you, so you must have a lot of DPS to crack one, the higher level prox repair goes into the center you the train can last longer. The Unstable Game Update - 2/8 - PlanetSide 2

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Then, the defense slot - should I get top armour to stop those pesky aircraft or those silly hill battles, or side armour? Or skip those all together andThe Sunderer seems like another obvious conversation point, but I figure its AMS-Armour-Combat handling or Shield Diffuser-Armour-Combat Handling. Planetside 2. Помощь новичкам. Часть вторая Planetside 2 - это командная игра. И за редким исключением единственный вариант полюбить эту игру - это присоединиться к уже существующим подразделениям (так здесьНу субъективно инж больше получает, но я хочу строить базы и невидимый сандерер, это надо гдет 5-6к. PlanetSide 2: Sunderer Deployment PlanetSide 2: Sunderer Deployment. It's not entirely clear how to deploy a Sunderer. I have deployed from a Sunderer numerous times. And so I understand how useful a Sunderer can be as a remote spawn point for your faction. But after I try to drive a Sunderer off the lot, I failed at deploying it.

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Sunderer advice? | PlanetSide 2 Forums PlanetSide 2 Forums. ... For an Anti infantry sunderer you want 2 kobalts with thermals and extended mags on them. ... Defense slot: should be blockade ... Planetside 2 Prowler Defense Slot Planetside 2 Prowler Defense Slot, ... Must be equipped into the utility slot before the sunderer may deploy. Magrider Drivers Don't Know How To Use It. Discussion in ' PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion ' started by ... Sunderer - PlanetSide2 攻略wiki 「プラネットサイド2」 ... Defense Slot . ... のにかかる時間を前もって計算していたのですが、実際やってみたら計算と違っていてsundererでWalker ... Sunderer Deployment Shield | PlanetSide 2 Forums

edit: looking it over now, it would make much more sense if the defense slot contained all armor upgrades (front, top, side, mineguard) and utility contained all else (stealth, smoke, fire suppression, radar, auto-repair). edit2: on the other hand, you can now put proximity radar on an AMS sunderer, so thats something at least.

PlanetSide 2's Sunderer carries troops, pushes tanks Sony Online Entertainment is continuing its tradition of PlanetSide 2 vehicle reveals in a news blurb on the game's official website. The Sunderer looks like a cross between a tank and a Mack ... DEV reddit AMA- "ANT will most likely be the Sunderer with an ... DEV reddit AMA- "ANT will most likely be the Sunderer with an ANT module" says WHO? PlanetSide 2 Discussion ... Ammo and Repair are Defense slot options. AMS is ... PlanetSide 2 Comprehensive Newbie Guide | GuideScroll

but for guys on foot the bubble is way more visible and from further away, and since the bubble is like the length of 2 and a half sunderers in all directions, a light assault thats zipping around the base with unlimited freedom of movement will see it and then it immediately dies and there is no chance you can defend it from that. when a tank ...

PlanetSide 2: Terran Republic weapon guide | PCGamesN PlanetSide 2: Terran Republic weapon guide. ... Suit Slot: Ammunition Belt ... but you’re going to fulfill one of the most important jobs in Planetside 2. Grab yourself a Sunderer with the AMS ... PlanetSide 2 Sunderer Guide | GuideScroll PlanetSide 2 Sunderer Guide by Beltway. Whether you’re fighting for government control, technological advances, or freedom for all. The sunderer will be the vehicle that will help you get the job done. In this guide you will learn tactics, builds, tips, and tricks to maximize the effectiveness of your sunderer. planetside 2 - How do I deploy a Sunderer? - Arqade It's the B key. However, before you can deploy a Sunderer you have to unlock the certification to do so. The one you need is the Sunderer Advanced Mobile Station (S-AMS), which costs 50 cert points.. Don't forget to also equip the upgrade on the vehicle customization screen after unlocking it.

2 You can spawn a sunderer, park it next to the vehicle spawn pad, spawn a second sunderer, get back into the first one. You will now own the second sunderer, but he able to drive the first one, park it, deploy it etc. Anyone who gets in the first sunderer will now own it. Sunderer - PlanetSide 2 Wiki The Sunderer is an IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) ground vehicle, manufactured by Nanite Systems.This heavily armored 12-man vehicle is designed to punch through enemy defensive lines and deliver troops in the heat of battle. It also has a support role, providing medical and ammo supplies to troops in the field, serving as a repair station for vehicles, as well as serving as a mobile spawn ... Slots - PlanetSide 2 Wiki Guide - IGN PlanetSide 2 at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies ... A character may only have one Certification of each slot type equipped at any one time. ... Sunderer Certifications; Planetside 2 Sunderer Defense Slot -